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This small, neat and handy tool makes DNS changes more easily
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DNS stands for Domain Name System and represents an important parameter in the connection between your computer and the Internet. Though most of the time the DNS server address needed by your connection is set automatically by your computer, there are also plenty of occasions when you might need to set this parameters by yourself, or change it on a frequent basis.

ChrisPC DNS Switch is a neat and handy application that offers a quick and easy way to change the DNS settings of your connection. It basically lets you quickly toggle among multiple pre-stored DNS profiles. Since it makes switching DNS such as easy job, ChrisPC DNS Switch is especially useful on laptops where multiple connections are used, or when a lot of traveling (commuting) is involved, and in many other various situations.

ChrisPC DNS Switch is an easy-to-use tool that offers a neat and intuitive interface. It makes changing the DNS easy as it provides with the option to choose the DNS server data from lists of DNS presets which you can manage and configure as you like. You can add your own DNS presets to this list or just stick to using the existing ones.

This handy tool is also suitable for helping you protect your online privacy, as it includes an “Anonymous DNS preset” group list that helps you when you want to connect and browse the Internet anonymously. You can even switch to a Family Safe DNS and avoid adult-themed websites or websites with questionable content.

In conclusion, though pretty simple and neat, this tool is great for anyone looking for a convenient solution to help them control the DNS settings of their connections.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Allows using anonymous DNS addresses
  • Automatic DNS cache flush


  • The number of custom DNS servers that can be used is limited to 15
  • Doesn't allow for importing DNS server lists from text files
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